About Us

  • Haus Angeluz’s journey started a year ago. We wanted to create a candle that was sophisticated and at the same time provide the sense of calm.
  • We want to provide the best possible product for our customers. We are fully committed to our craft.
  • Each candle is handmade with 100% Soy wax, our fragrance oils are an interesting combination inspired by nature. This combination allows for our candles to not only provide a relaxing glow and rich calming scents, but also serves as a great moisturizer for your skin.
  • Safety, sustainability and environmental impact are the core of our business, we use natural soy wax, our fragrance oils are paragon and phthalates free. Our materials are vegan and cruelty free.
  • Our mission is to provide a high quality candle that enhances your space and reflects your story.
  • Haus Angeluz thanks you for supporting our dream and giving us the opportunity to create a happier life and make your house feel more like home.